Welcome to our ‘Sanctuary’ space

where we invite you, in this moment, to take a
deep breath in and a deep breath out!


In this digital age we are constantly bombarded with images of false perfection and we are forced to compare ourselves all the time. It is so important, now more than ever, to  focus inwards and check in with our true authenticity.

Here, in The Strallen Sanctuary, our experts, professionals and practitioners offer classes in yoga and meditation, HIIT workouts, personal training, life coaching and much much more. 

We believe that in order to change the way you view your physical image and health you must first be aware of how you view your emotional health from the inside out.

By practicing physical and mental awareness you hold the key to a more healthy and balanced life. 

We are so excited to be on this journey of self discovery and care with you!

Our Strallen Sanctuary Instructors

It is a pleasure to introduce our hand-picked, eclectic collection of incredible instructors, life-coaches, experts, practitioners and light workers.

Chauncie Parchment
Katie Anjuli Singh
Mathew Wesley
Hannah Whittingham
Kelly Price
Summer Strallen
Justin Thomas
Laura White
Tom Senior

Our Sanctuary Classes

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"Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been".

- David Bowie